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Bethlehem Bishop Search The Bishop Search Committee Update
October 13, 2017

The Search Committee has been hard at the prayerful work of engaging applications submitted for candidates to our process. Over the next few months we will be engaged in this hard work of discernment and we appreciate your prayers for us as well as for those who are offering their gifts to the Church. This phase of our search is rooted in deep prayer, Christian hospitality, and sacred confidentiality.

The committee also presented a report to the diocesan convention held in late September. The script of that presentation is located HERE. A short video designed as a pastoral and educational offering to the convention delegates is also located here.

The Bishop Search Committee Update
September 21, 2017

The search committee met Thursday September 21st at All Saints Church in Lehighton, PA. We are grateful to the good people of All Saints for the warm welcome and hospitality of their space.

The deadline for applications for has passed and the committee is delighted to have a pool of gifted and diverse applicants discerning with us. The committee now enters into the deep and hard work of praying through applications. Over the next few months, the committee will engage with candidates in a variety of forums. We now enter a time defined by prayer and confidentiality. We ask your prayers along the way.

The committee will continue to meet every other week in addition to engaging with our candidates in various interview settings. The committee will be making a presentation at our diocesan convention this Friday. We hope to post a video of that convention presentation. Stay tuned!

The Bishop Search Committee Update
September 7, 2017

The Search Committee continues to meet regularly every other Thursday in various parts of the Diocese. The committee is grateful for the presence of our chaplain and Moravian Bishop Blair Couch. Bishop Couch has rooted us in prayer and has tended to our emotional and spiritual needs. The committee has enjoyed meeting in locations throughout the diocese and we are grateful to the many parishes who are hosting us for our work. The committee is preparing a presentation for our diocesan convention and has been working hard at preparing for the next phases of our process. The period for receiving nominations ends on Monday September 11th and applications are to be received Monday September 18th. We are looking forward to the next phases of this process.

The Bishop Search Committee Announces Profile is Complete. Now Accepting Applications and Nominations.
August 7, 2017

The search committee for the IX Bishop of the Diocese of Bethlehem is pleased to announce that our profile is complete and we are now accepting nominations and applications. Use the tabs above to view the profile, make nominations, or make application. Deadline for nominations is September 11, 2017. Deadline for applications is September 18, 2017.

The Bishop Search Committee Working Hard on Parish Profile!
July 14, 2017

The Bishop Search Committee met July 13, 2017 at St. Luke's Church, Lebanon. The committee is grateful for all of the good feedback it has received from the diocese in regional gatherings and survey. The committee is now drawing very near to a completed draft profile for potential candidates to learn about our diocese, our strenghts and our challenges, our hopes and dreams we hope to live into with our next Bishop. A draft profile, once approved by the Standing Committee will be made public on this search website.

The Bishop Search Committee launches its website!
The website for the Bishop's search has been launched. Thanks to the creative and good work of our friends at na studios in Northampton, Pennsylvania the website is now launched for our search.

The website is intended for our diocesan community, potential candidates to our search, and any good soul who may have interest in our search for the IX Bishop of Bethlehem.

Check out our welcome video . Look for regular updates from the committee and for an understanding of who we are and what our process is. You can find here also regular contributions from our education committee about the ministry and role of the office of Bishop. You will see also a regular feed from our diocesan facebook page, keeping you abreast of many of the ongoing ministries carried out by our diocesan community.

The search committee is working hard now on creating our profile. Look for the profile, its coming soon! Once the profile is completed, approved by the Standing committee, we will begin to receive nominations and applications. (Late July)

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